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THURSDAY, JULY 9, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.

Notice is hereby given that on Thursday, July 9, 2020 a meeting of the VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the Village of Manley, Nebraska will be held at 7:00 P.M. at the Village Community Center, 115 Cherry Street, Manley, NE. The agenda for such meeting, which is kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the Office of the Village Clerk in the Village Community Center during normal business hours.

If you have a concern that you wish addressed, contact the Village Clerk (402-234-2304) no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Dated: June 16, 2020
Jolene E. Dalton, Clerk


To: Village of Manley Residents & Friends
From: Jolene Dalton, Clerk
Date: May 2020

This has certainly been a strange time with the coronavirus situation.  Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy.

Welcome to our new residents Dan Nolte (118 Cherry) and Dan & Roxanne Weeks (315 Sunrise Court)!

You have been hearing the past year or so that our streets and aging water & sewer infrastructure will be needing some major work in the near future.  Work has begun on replacing the pit & remote water meters.  There are at least ten (10) meters throughout the Village that are not working and we have been told the other, older ones are probably not very accurate anymore.  The old meters are obsolete & not available so updated meters have been purchased & are being installed.  Of course the new meters are read differently – you just need to tap (not push & hold) to find the usage number (RD000000---), which is displayed first.  A second number will then come up, which is the meter serial number.  If you have any problems, give the Office (402-234-2304) or Mickey Dalton (402-660-7032) a call.  They will come & help you understand the new meter.  Change can be confusing but, once you get used to it, it should be as easy as the old.  Just remember, on the water card, we do not record the ones, tens & hundreds (even though they are displayed on the meter) – just start with the thousands place.  For clarification, if you have a meter inside your house, you most likely have a newer system and it will not be replaced at this time.  All the houses with outside pit & remote meters should have theirs replaced within the next month.  Again, if you have any questions, give us a call.

The annual Village Spring Clean Up is still scheduled for Saturday, June 6th.  Dumpsters will be located at the Community Center.  A list of prohibited items can be found on a flier that will be posted at the Post Office.  (This Clean Up is for Manley residents only.)

Here is an update on the Park projects:

*The new Picnic Shelter is waiting for the concrete floor, which is scheduled to be laid the first part of June.  (If you have any skills in that area & would like to help, please call Mickey Dalton 402-660-7032.)  Jessie Woolhiser, former resident & daughter of Jim & Deb Woolhiser, is working on murals depicting the Village to be painted on the gable ends.  The Picnic Shelter is being built thanks to a grant from Cass County Tourism and profits from Pillage the Village.

*Picnic Tables – We have received donations for five (5) tables to date.  There are six (6) new ones built already so you can see how nice they are.  If you would like your name on one, contact the Village Office (402-234-2304) or Denise Swenson (402-677-2587).

*Playground – The Village of Craig, NE will be taking the old wooden playground to refurbish & then install it in their Village.  Once it is removed from our Park, installation of our new Playground will begin but the coronavirus situation has delayed this progress.  The new Playground is being built thanks to grants from the Berneice Hopper Foundation, Midlands Community Foundation, & Cass County Tourism; donations from Ash Grove Cement, Gerald Snodgrass, & Steve & Bonnie Meyer; and profits from Pillage the Village.  Donations are still being accepted to complete the project.

*Benches, including some covered ones, will be placed around the Playground & Park.  They are largely being paid for by Jerry Sheehan memorial donations.  If you would like your name on an additional bench, contact the Village Office (402-234-2304) or Denise Swenson (402-677-2587).

As you can see, the profits from Pillage the Village are being put to good use.  Plans are still underway for this year’s Pillage the Village to be held Saturday, August 22nd.  Hopefully the coronavirus situation will be under control by then so the event can go on as planned.  We will be soliciting help for the various activities during the day, so please consider helping for a couple of hours when asked.

Attached is a brochure from the Rural Water Association about Backflow Prevention.  If you are not familiar with this subject (or need a refresher😊), read thru this to find out what a cross connection is, what causes it, what some consequences can be, & how it can be prevented.  Let’s keep our drinking water safe.

The Village Board has decided to adopt the Nextdoor App for use by anyone who has a smartphone or on their computer.  It has been witnessed how useful this App can be to notify your neighbors or the Village of happenings & other events.  As everyone walks around with their phones, this App can be extremely useful to immediately notify & alert neighbors of stray dogs, people, or anything else you might like to share with the Village.  Chairman Denise Swenson will be the host of the App at this time and will invite you to the App.  You can either join or decline.  Nextdoor is great for connecting with your actual, real neighbors.  We help each other with things to do in our Village, lost/found pets, safety concerns, and other issues.  When people aren’t respectful, other neighbors put them in their place & remind them of appropriate communications.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about Nextdoor’s privacy tools & settings:  You can choose to display your full address or just your street name.  Your street name or address will only be visible to your closest neighbors. Nextdoor will never sell your personal information to third-party advertisers. Nextdoor makes it safe to share online the kinds of things you share with your neighbors in person.  Every neighbor must verify their address in the neighborhood.  Every neighbor must use their real name.  Nextdoor is securely encrypted using the HTTPS Internet protocol.  This is a free App.

If you have any questions about it, please call Denise at 402-677-2587.

Congratulations to all graduating seniors!

Also, applications are now being accepted for “2020-21 Miss Manley”.  Our reigning Miss Manley is McKenna Jones.  Any young woman from the area who would like to represent Manley this coming year may contact the Village Office (402-234-2304) or Denise Swenson (402-677-2587) for more information.  We also can give you McKenna’s contact information if you would like to talk to her about what the title involves.

Have a safe Spring, practice social distancing☺ & get outside whenever you can…


Jolene Dalton, Clerk, Village of Manley
Office hours: Tuesday 1-5 PM, Thursday 10 AM-5 PM
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manley Village Board members:
Denise Swenson, Chm/Mayor 402-677-2587
Mickey Dalton 402-660-7032
Tim Glas 402-515-7105
Rebecca Goble 402-880-1141
Adam Zierott 402-310-0564