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Village of Manley Planning Commission

July 16, 2019 at Manley’s Community Center, Upper Level starting 7:00p.m.

All meetings are open to the public.


1.     Open Public Forum

2.     Discussion and recommendations for a 40x30 pole shed type Picnic Shelter that the Village Board has planned to be built on the Village of Manley Public Park Grounds. 

3.     Any other subjects of concern.

4.     Go into Executive Session to compile any recommendations.

5.     Return to Open Meeting

6.     Hearing of motions

7.     Adjourn 

Planning Commission Members

Chairperson – Heath Lindsey 402-297-6870

Vice Chairperson – Hope Hibler 402-670-4959

Secretary – Leonard Stohlmann 402-234-2023

Member – Richard Fox 402-332-7320

Member – Jodi Tapp 402-210-7852

·         Copies of the minutes will be on file with the Secretary of the Planning Commission, and available for review upon request, posted in the Notice Box at Manley Post Office entrance, Notice Box at the Manley Firehouse and also at .

·         In accordance with Federal law, this committee is prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability marital or familial status.


McKenna Jones, daughter of Edward & Cheryl Jones and 2019 Graduate of Louisville High School, has been selected as Miss Manley and will represent the Village during the 2019 Cass County Fair. See more about McKenna in this weeks on-line newsletter.


Check out the Manley Fire Department Information and activities under the Community Link at top of screen.

If you would be interested in becoming a firefighter with the Manley Volunteer Fire Department, give Larry Schliefert a call.


Watch For New Traffic Signs

You will see new signage around Manley in the coming weeks.  Worn out, faded and broken stop signs & posts will be replaced and speed limit signs added to help remind drivers to slow down.  Manley has very few sidewalks, and therefore often has pedestrians, children and bikers on the streets. Please drive responsibly.


To: Village of Manley residents & friends

From: Jolene Dalton, Clerk

Date: April 2019


Happy Spring! Yes, I do believe Spring is finally here!

We had quite a winter – and, with all the snow, our snowplow is showing its age. With the help of a couple of residents, it is now receiving a lot of tender care (maintenance & repair), trying to avoid putting out the money for a “new” one.

 Congratulations! to McKenna Jones who was pictured in the April 18th edition of the Plattsmouth Journal, signing a letter of intent (along with her proud dad & mom, Logan & Cheryl Jones) to join the NE Wesleyan University cheer team. McKenna has received multiple academic honors at Louisville High School and has been involved in many school & community activities.

Welcome! to our new resident, Kim Rodwell, at 217 Locust.

 Keep Cass County Beautiful (KCCB) held their annual Recognition Event on April 6th at Platte River State Park. Manley received a Great American Cleanup award for “faithfully hosting two litter cleanups annually, planting beautiful flowers in the Village, and recently adopting a no-smoking policy in the Park”. Thanks goes to the Village Board for their work in the cleanups & supporting our beautifying efforts – and to our residents who help keep our Village “clean, green & beautiful”. We have much to be proud of in our little Village!

 Speaking of being proud, you will soon be receiving an invitation to “Out of the Past – Celebrate the Now” on June 8th at the Village Community Center & Park. The Board is making plans for the Village to celebrate:

*paying off the Community Center (aka Manley School) (We have been making monthly payments for the past 10-1/2 years, purchasing the building & school grounds from the Weeping Water Public Schools. It is now officially the Village’s!);

*unveiling the Vertical Platform Lift, making the Community Center handicap accessible (Thanks to the NE Dept of Economic Development via their Civic & Community Center Financing Fund [CCCFF] Grant and to resident Mickey Dalton for spearheading the project with over 250 hours of in-kind labor.); and

*holding the first Manley School Reunion.

It will be a fun afternoon-evening of food, entertainment & celebration for the Village & our friends. Look for more details in the near future. (P.S. Volunteer help for the event is needed & always welcome!)

 The Board has been working hard to spruce up the Community Center & Park. Some of the projects will be completed by the June 8th celebration (painting, cement work, big changes in the basement, etc.) – others will be completed as funding is obtained. Three major projects being worked on for the Park include:

*replacing the 30+ year old wooden playground (by the basketball & tennis courts) with a safer, updated one;

*building another larger picnic shelter with a charcoal grill, service counter & other possible enhancements; and

*renovating the ball field, including better field drainage & playing surface, installing bleachers, painting the team benches & backstop board, and constructing a storage shed for field upkeep supplies.

The Board is also working hard on the financial side of these projects. Thank you to everyone who supports Pillage the Village. The profit from it helps to pay the portion the Village must match for most of the grants. We are very grateful for a couple of grants we have recently received (Cass County Tourism & Midlands Community Foundation) but we are still in need of further help to reach our financial goal. If you know of anyone or a business, foundation, etc. that we could approach for a donation, please let a Board member know. What an improvement it would be to our Village if we could make these projects a reality!

 We also have a couple of organizations in our community/area that make our Village proud:

*The Manley Volunteer Fire Department, headed by Fire Chief Larry Schliefert, consists of 13 male & female volunteers. They are part of the Weeping Water Rural Fire District and keep our Village and surrounding area & communities safe. Thank you to our first responders for their service: (residents) Justin Backhaus, Alan Barnes, Larry Scott, James Struthers, Dan Timm, Josh Woolhiser, Adam Zierott, (rural) Bryce Bantz, Kent Drake, Bob Hyda, Kate Novak, Greg Schliefert, and Larry Schliefert. (They are always looking for more volunteers, so if it is something you might be interested in or would like more information about, call Larry at 402-297-6288.)

*The Lofte Community Theatre, in our backyard, is one of the premier community theaters in the country. They use local talent to put on affordable, live quality theater. Their next play offering is “The Voice of the Prairie”, running the end of May, first of June. Check out their season line-up at

 By the way, outside burning is allowed but, before you light a match, you need to get a burn permit. It doesn’t cost anything (although there is a $500 fine if you burn without one) but for safety reasons, you need to get a permit (from Larry Schliefert 402-297-6288, Greg Schliefert 402-297-5537 or Dan Timm 402-416-4589).

 And my last tidbit this month is Pillage the Village, our annual Village celebration/fundraiser. The profits from it get earmarked each year for some project around the Village. This year it will be for the new playground. Plan to join us for a fun day on August 17th!

 Have a great Spring & we’ll see you on June 8th

See board members, officials and administrative information on Home Page.