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Manley Town Board Meeting, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 7:30 - 8:45 PM

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Jensen, at the Manley Fire barn, at 7:32 PM.. Roll call was taken and members present included Julie Dillon, Shawn McCaulley and Brenda Meyer. The agenda was reviewed and approved.

Public Forum: Mike Dillon asked the Board to consider closing alleyways to resident traffic due to a recent increase in unnecessary use. The Board determined that although a possible nuisance, alleyway access can not be restricted from community use.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the 9/5/06 meeting were reviewed and approved. Motion carried 4-0. Follow-up: Due to the recent change in Board members, minutes were not posted on the Manley website. This will resume in October.

Purchase Ordinance/Code Book: Purchase of a 2006 Municipal Code Book, recommended by the attorney for a township of our size, from American Publishing was discussed. The cost of 5-books would be $450.00. Bob Gruber recommended asking Nehawka, NE, a township of similar size, to review and possibly use their recently approved guidelines and ordinances as a baseline for Manley. The acting clerk is in possession of Nehawka’s ordinances and will review for discussion at the November meeting.

Re-keying locks to village and fire buildings: It was recommended that locks to the village building and fire barn be changed every 3-4 years. Mike Jensen recommended keying the two buildings separately and maintaining an up-to-date key holder roster. Village building key holders will include: Mike Jensen, Shawn McCaulley and Jim Woolhiser. The fire barn key holder list will include all Board members and volunteer fire members (confirmed by Jim Woolhiser). Mike Jensen will work with a local hardware store to accommodate this request within the next 30-days. Motion carried 4-0.

Building permit renewal for Randy Brinkman: Randy addressed the board following contact by the Cass County Zoning Commission of the expiration of his permit to construct a garage/breeze way at his home on 203 Broadway Street. Based on the recommendation of the Zoning Board, Mike Jensen asked for inspection of the property prior to renewal of the permit. He suggested that Mr. Brinkman contact Marlene at the Zoning office to follow-up. Complaints regarding the dirt pile blocking the sidewalk at the location were discussed. The Board gave approval for Mr. Brinkman to remove the dirt prior to completion of inspections by the Board. A motion to table this request until the November meeting was carried 4-0.

Impending alleyway traffic and property damage: Bob Gruber addressed the board regarding traffic on the alleyway immediately south of his property and damage that has occurred from trespassing. He asked the Board to purchase a fence to prevent further damage to his property. It was noted that it can be difficult to clearly identify property lines on the township alleyways. Mr. Gruber’s request was denied and he advised that he would install a steel post on the corner of his property to clearly identify the property line. The Board approved installation of the post so long as it clearly fell within Mr. Gruber’s property lines.

Street Parking Issues: Multiple concerns regarding the parking of cars immediately north of Main Street on Broadway on both the east and west sides of the street were discussed. Mike Jensen previously addressed these parking concerns with Randy and Tracy Brinkman and only parking a car there during normal business hours. Despite this effort, it has not been effective. Many concerns tied to this corner included, blocking sidewalk visibility, parking with the flow of traffic, traffic not being able to get through when cars are parked on both sides of the street. Suggestions included limiting parking on one or both sides of the street and appropriate distance from a stop sign. Grain elevator traffic on Locust Street was also considered to be an impending traffic concern. Mike Jensen will address the traffic flow plan with the Elevator and the Board will readdress street parking at the November meeting.

Correspondence received since September meeting: Mike Jensen asked about attending the 43rd Annual Conference of Nebraska Community Improvement Program being held on 11/2/06. Local Sales Tax documents were received. Letters from JEO Consulting Group, Inc. Including Form 6 “Certification to Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards” and local option sales tax certification letter of addendum requiring a $5.00 amount for municipal court dues for our Clerk position were approved. Motion carried 4-0.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report and Accounts Payable: September, 2006 expenses totaling $3,782.19 were reviewed and motion carried 4-0 to approve.

Water Report from Village Water Clerk: Randy Brinkman was asked to clarify a request made by Tracy Brinkman regarding charging water/sewer customers for letters going out from the clerk. Julie Dillon, water clerk, confirmed that, effective 10/1/06, a late charge of $10.00 for bills not paid by the 10th of each month and a $35.00 charge to those residents not meeting water/sewer policy (not reading meter and returning monthly reading cards). Water/Sewer deposits are made bi-monthly. Judy Root’s water meter isn’t functioning correctly and she was asked to follow-up with the water clerk following the meeting. Ken Hascall had not yet returned his water survey and asked for clarification on items requested. The Board asked that residents complete the survey “to the best of their knowledge” and return them as soon as possible. Cheryl Jones asked for clarification on why some water books were hand delivered and others were mailed. Julie confirmed that this was due to time and availability. A motion to approve the water report was carried 4-0.

Executive Session: Not required.

Adjournment: With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Next Meeting: The next monthly meeting is set for Tuesday, November 7 and will begin at 8:00 PM due to accommodate State voting hours.

Accounts Payable - Village of Manley - October 3, 2006

Vendor Amount Due Reason for payment

Alltel 90.00 Phone

Aquila 32.00 Utility

Bolles, Delton 142.00 Lagoon (100.00);water

(40.00) postage (2.00)

Dillon, Julie 6.03 Postage

Great Plains One Call 1.01 Locate Request

JD Construction 700.00 Sewer Maint

Meyer, Terry 190.00 Sewer Maint

NE Municipal Clerks’ Assoc 5.00 Dues

OPPD 293.32 Street Lights

60.00 Electr

Papillion Sanitation 42.00 Trash serv

Plattsmouth Journal 190.83 Legals

Pollak & Hicks 455.00 Atty Fees

RR Water Distr 3 1043.35 Monthly water

Snowdog Printing 48.15 Copies

State of NE HHS 76.00 Water tests

Board Members Time:

Member Reason for Payment Total

Dillon Water Clerk 115.00

Bookkeeper 132.50

Acting Clerk 20.00

Acting Secretary 40.00

Jensen Mowing 20.00

Street 20.00

McCaulley Mowing 60.00



Notice of Meeting:
Village of Manley
Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 7
8:00 PM
Manley Fire Barn

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