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Manley Community Newsletter

August 29, 2012

Who knew if you planned a community event during a drought that it would rain? Pillage the Village was still a very successful day!!

Betty Meyer said that she felt like this was the biggest turnout so far. The kid events were a big hit and the food went over so well that they sold out of much of it. I can personally say the rib dinner was wonderful!!

Next week I will try to have a complete list of winners during the competitions and hope to have some photos as well. Pssst ...I was told the chickens were not trained!


This is another piece of research I located. I was very intrigued by all the businesses that were once part of Manley.

In 1880, German immigrant August F. Wendt acquired land that would become the location for the Village of Manley. Three years later, he had a town site surveyed and established a post office. The formation of the village, once referred to as “Summit” due to its topography, was attributable to the arrival of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, which built a line from Atchison, Kansas to Omaha in 1881-82. Early businesses formed in Manley included two general stores, a hardware store, drug store, shoemaker, blacksmith shop and a creamery. The village population of 80 residents in 1890 increased to 249 by 1940.

Manley has produced notable writers including Glen Fleischmann, who was an illustrator for Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping and Collier's, and Sophus Keith Winther who wrote Take All to Nebraska. Although governed by a village board since 1945, Manley was not
officially incorporated until 1954. Today, Manley's population stands at 191 and younger schoolchildren continue to attend its two-room schoolhouse. The village offers the pleasures of small town life while nearby Nebraska Highways 1 and 50 provide access to larger neighboring
towns and cities.


Nebraska Historic Building Survey

Prepared for: Nebraska State Historical Society

Prepared by: Heritage Research, Ltd. Historical/Environmental Consultants N89
W16785 Appleton Avenue Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

August 2004





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